Wedding Trends in Asia


Wedding Trends for 2017-2018

the hottest wedding trends
for best 9th-6th

6.  DIY Champagne – Mimosa Bar

For something different, ice-cream corner or popcorn corner gradually became trendy last year. In 2017, other than cakes and candies, there will be corner for beverages – Mimosa Bar.

Mimosa Bar is like bubble corner, it serves champagne, fruit juice and fresh fruit. Guests can create their specialty champagne cocktails based on their own taste and preferences. It is fun for guests to serve themselves and get to experiment with different concoctions making the plain champagne more interesting. Friends and family will totally get in the spirit and appreciate the personal touch the wedding couple have put into.

7.  Entertainment – Tattoo Corner

Wedding entertainment is also become one of the key aspects of a wedding. Entertainment corner is a “must have item”. Photo booth is already very popular to keep guests entertained all throughout the wedding reception. Tattoo Corner is a new and innovative idea. Other than traditional wedding tattoo stickers, brides and grooms can create personalized stickers with their own logo.

8.  Small Local or Overseas Wedding

Small and outdoor garden weddings are still very fashionable. As the average number of guests for a small wedding is around 50 – 80 people, wedding arrangements are comparatively easier. Hence brides and grooms put more emphasis on personalizing their wedding to make it perfectly tailored to their style.

9.  Wedding QR Code

One of the latest wedding trends is to add new technology to the wedding. Following last year’s LED screen backdrop, QR code is used increasingly for weddings. There are many different ways to use QR code such as seating arrangement, RSVPing through your wedding website, sharing wedding photos and videos and many more.


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