Wedding Trends in Asia



We are looking forward to see how bride and groom take inspiration from the latest trends and customize to make their weddings perfect!

the hottest wedding trends
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1.  2017 Colour of the Year – Greenery
Announced by the colour authority PANTONE, greenery is the Colour of the Year for 2017. It is definitely a refreshing news for neutral tone lovers. 2017 will shift away from the traditional classic wedding themes. On design and decoration, green leaves are added for a finished touch, with continuation of last year’s garden wedding theme.

2.  Green Floral Design
With continuation of last year’s garden wedding theme, floral crown and hairstyle with green leaves becomes a very trendy element. A bridal bouquet with nude colour flowers and green leaves is a natural complement to the Colour of the Year.

3.  Marble Pattern and Transparent Invitations
The beautiful Calligraphy is still in style this year. In term of pattern design, geometric, natural crystal and marble will be on-the-list this year. And the same pattern can be extended to other wedding decorations and arrangements for a complete cohesive effort.

4.  Stunning Wedding Cake with Natural Crystal
Wedding cake is a MUST HAVE in every wedding celebration. Originated in Australia, the gorgeous geode cake is the latest wedding cake trend. It is made with colourful sugar rocks, creating intricate crystal formations, inside a white multi-layer frosted cake. Simple at same time, very chic.

Doughnut wall is another new big thing in wedding trends. Despite being fun, donut wall serves double-duty as both dessert and adorable decor. You can make patterns and words out of colourful doughnuts.

5.  Dessert Table with Natural Crystal
Wedding Dessert Table or Wedding Candy Bar Buffet has been popular for many years. In line with the latest geology trend, cake pops and cookies can also creatively be decorated with geode, agate or marble design. Surely will wow your guests.


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