The Most Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Japan


For some truly timeless overseas pre-wedding and wedding photos, where better than a place where traditional culture is fused with modern life?
Now imagine where is The Most Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Japan??

Yes “Biei, Hokkaido” is ranked it.

Kelvin Koh says
(Kelvin Koh: The brains of Sony photography ambassador, and founder of Lighted pixel which has been on Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore Photographers (Wedding) for 13 years running)
Japan is always a great place to shoot in! It offers so many amazing backdrops and the best part? They look different in the different seasons. I have shot there for more than 10 years now returning every year without fail. Here are some of the locations that I would highly recommend shooting in. Some are popular but there are some that are hidden gems. However, I have to add that we should all be respectful when shooting in Japan. They are very polite and courteous. They also have many cultural practices that we should observe and respect. Always ask for permission before shooting. If in doubt, do not shoot. As a general guide, do not shoot in religious places. Most do not allow hugging, kissing or even off shoulder tops or gowns.

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