Winter Wedding


Enjoy a Winter Wonderland Designed for Couples!

How is “Hokkaido Wedding in Winter”…??

In the northern island of Hokkaido, Couples should definitely enjoy the opportunities to photograph this beautiful land in the deep winter season.

Most destination weddings take place in the spring and summer,
but Hokkaido weddings truly shine during the winter.
You may think that it’s too cold for a wedding, but Hokkaido winters allow for unique dresses, chapels only available during the season, and unforgettable wedding photography.

While it may be hard to imagine having a photoshoot in this unbearable cold, should decide to take a chance and the photos were nothing short of magical.

Winter weather may be below freezing, but that’s only if you go outside.
Indoors the heat’s always on, so your guests can relax in their party wear.
Look out the window and enjoy the snowy scenery together!