LANDRESS WEDDING offer luxury wedding at garden/outdoor.
The mission pursued is to create sophisticated and unforgettable events in the mother of nature,
always offering a class service, perfectly calibrated to the needs of each client.
We specialize and establish in the most exclusive and sophisticated areas of event planning.
Chihiro Oe

Born in Hokkaido,
Chihiro reconnected with the mystique of her native province after her nomadic experiences in Tokyo and overseas in Beijing and founded "LANDRESS" (LAND=Vast expanses of nature + DRESS=Ideas & Design) to provide exciting experiences in the heart of nature.
Starting with the catchphrase "The news of spring doesn't come by mail; it comes by maple," she started making Hokkaido maple syrup and organized an event to celebrate maples and the coming of spring "The girl met a maple tree." She plans to create new value through her ideas and designs only possible in Hokkaido.
After experiencing the questions that accompany organizing a wedding first hand, Chihiro started "LANDRESS WEDDING."
Connecting the natural beauty of Hokkaido and the excitement its charm ignites in other, she has turned LANDRESS WEDDING from "Hokkaido WEDDING" to "Asian resort wedding" and is welcoming guests from all over the world to Hokkaido.
Chihiro's desire is to provide a starting point for weddings that awaken people's curiosity and enjoyment of life by releasing the excitement in moving to music in the middle of nature!

Landress Message

Hokkaido, the only island with an extensive land and beautiful change of the four seasons.
This blessed natural environment grows foods richly, and enfolds people sweetly.
The greatness of “the simple truth” is what Hokkaido is.

However, what if we could add something in it a little bit?

Fresh foods turn into a nice dish.
Wild natures turn into fun attractions.
Unexplored fields turn into spectacular landscapes.

LANDRESS was come into the world based on our wish.
The wish is to bring out the attractions of Hokkaido.

With just a little bit of new looks.
Like a dress makes you charming.
We wish the idea will attract people,
and be a merry opportunity to live together with nature.