We are planning and design team founded in Hokkaido.
Chihiro Oe

Born in Hokkaido, Chihiro provide exciting experiences in the heart of nature. Reconnected with the mystique of her native province after her nomadic experiences in Tokyo and overseas in Beijing and founded "LANDRESS" (LAND=Vast expanses of nature + DRESS=Ideas & Design) .
Connecting the natural beauty of Hokkaido and the excitement its charm ignites in other, she has turned LANDRESS WEDDING from "Hokkaido WEDDING" to "Asian resort wedding" and is welcoming guests from all over the world to Hokkaido.
Chihiro's desire is to provide a starting point for weddings that awaken people's curiosity and enjoyment of life by releasing the excitement in moving to music in the middle of nature!
LANDRESS WEDDING organizes Weddings blooming with the natural flair of Hokkaido.
The planners combine their ideas with the background and desires of the couple to create weddings that harmonize with the beauty of the seasons of Hokkaido.

Landress Message

Hokkaido is one of the only islands in the world where you can experience the change of the seasons and vast expanses of breathtaking landscapes.
This mystical natural environment produces an abundance of food and provides a sweet home for its inhabitants.
It is the simple things that make Hokkaido so great.

But can we improve on that?

Fresh produce is turned into a delicious dishes.
The natural wilderness makes for enjoyable experiences.
And unexplored meadows turn into spectacular landscapes.

LANDRESS was created to fulfill our desire:
To bring out the best in Hokkaido.

Just like when you change your appearance.
Like a dress brings out your features.
We hope our idea will attract more people,
and be an exciting opportunity to celebrate with nature.